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About the products


1.  Which is more effective- branded or generic medications?

Generic drugs are as effective as branded ones. Both types of drugs have the same content. In almost every way, generic medications work the same way as their branded counterparts. Moreover, they also cost a lot less as compared to branded drugs. This is not due to the quality of the drug, though. The price difference between these two identical medical products is because branded drug manufacturers have to take into consideration their research and marketing costs, while generic manufacturers do not have to do the same.



2. The generic drugs look different than the branded drugs. Is there any difference in their action?

Generic drugs would differ from their branded counterparts in size, shape, and color. These differences are made purely for copyright and commercial reasons, and do not have any effect on the efficacy of either of the medications.



3. What is meant by patent protection?

The pharmaceutical company that spends money on researching and creating a new product would hold exclusive patent rights over the making and selling of the drug for up to 20 years. During this time, the company can get back its investment on the marketing, research, and production of the drug. Once the patent rights expire, other companies can start making the generic versions of the drug, with the same ingredients and same efficacy and quality.



4. What is the quality of the products you sell?

All the products you see on our website are sourced directly from the manufacturer or from pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers.


The medications you buy from our website are shipped with the original packaging, along with essential details like the batch number, manufacturing date, and expiry date. We do not tamper with the original packaging or repack it loosely.


The first thing you would notice about the package would be that it is different from the packaging done by the branded or even generic manufacturers you find in your local pharmacy. The difference in packaging does not mark a difference in quality. This difference is only due to the location where the medication was manufactured.


We source all the products on our website from the most well reputed suppliers and manufacturers, so you can be assured of the highest quality drugs when you order from us.




5.  Do you offer medical advice?

Our team does not comprise qualified medical professionals. The information posted on the website can only be considered general information, not a substitute for a visit to a qualified medical professional. Only a doctor can help you by prescribing the suitable dosage or medication to treat your condition. We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before you place an order for any medication online.




About our delivery policy


6.  How do you ship orders?

We can ship orders for free via registered air mail or international first class air mail.


The packages shipped through first class registered air mail will have a limited online tracking service. In this service, the online status of your order would only be updated when a delivery is under way.


Once we receive the order made by you through the website, we will process it within 72 hours. After processing, our shipping department located in several international depots will send the parcel to your destination.



7. Do you offer express delivery?

Yes, we offer express delivery or EMS, which would take between 5 and 7 business days if there are no delays. However, this option is limited only to certain products and for delivery to limited countries. Moreover, unlike the air mail service, this option is not free. If you choose this option, the shipping charge would be added to your account. You can contact us through live online support, call our toll free number, or fill the contact form on our website if you have any doubts related to our EMS option.



8.  What is the delivery time for an order?

The delivery time for regular and registered air mail orders is usually between 10 to 14 business days from the day the order was shipped. For European countries, this period would extend to 21 business days.



9.  Where can I check the status of my order once I have placed it?

You can check the status of your order by visiting the Order Status section on our website. Simply enter your order number and email ID to access the status of your order.



10.  What should I do in case I get only a part of my order?

If your order is large, it may be separated and shipped in different packages. In case we are issuing a partial shipment, you can find out about the same by going to the Order History section of your account on this website.


However, if your package has arrived incomplete without any indication that it is a partial shipment, please inform us and send the details and evidence to our support email ID. Alternatively, you may also contact our customer care center. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality service, and we will look into the matter and resolve the situation quickly.



11. What should I do in case I do not get the order at all?

We ensure that all attempts are made to safely and securely deliver your order within 21 business days from the day it was shipped from our end. There may be postal delays occurring due to holidays, airline schedule problems, bad weather, or other unforeseen events. If such delays do occur, our customer care team will update you about the latest delivery time.


If an incomplete or incorrect address is provided to us, the package will be redirected to a dead letter section in your local post office. Only in rare cases do the packages return to our depot from where we originally shipped them.


The customer is responsible for providing a complete and proper address while placing an order in order to avoid such situations.


12.  How do you pack the order?

We do not tamper with the original packaging of the drugs you order. However, in order to maintain the privacy of our customers, we cover the package discreetly so that the contents cannot be identified. No references or marks are made to identify the contents either.



13. Under what cases would you reship an order?

We reship an order free of cost if you do not receive an order, but only if:


-          The shipping address provided was correct and confirmed

-          21 business days (28 days in some cases for deliveries to Europe) have passed from the day the package was shipped

-          Our customer service team is contacted and informed about the situation within 8 weeks after the package was shipped



14. Is importing prescription drugs allowed?

Yes, the importing of prescription drugs is allowed if the medication is only for personal use.



15.  What is your refund/cancellation/return policy?

Ever order is processed within 72 hours after we receive it. You may cancel your order any time during this period. Once we ship the order, we cannot cancel or modify it in any way.


We cannot accept the return of a policy for safety and health reasons. However, we would require the return of an order if it was damaged on delivery so that we can ship the replacement order as soon as possible.




About payment and refill orders


16. What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

-          VISA credit or debit cards or VISA gift cards

-          eChecks (USA only)

-          Money orders or checks for non-USA orders equal to or more than $100

-          Bank transfers

-          VISA gift card purchased through MasterCard



17.  What do I do if I did not get the confirmation mail for my order?

If you did not get your confirmation mail, it may have been filtered by your email service provider as spam. You may find your confirmation mail in your Junk or Spam folder in such a case.


If you want to prevent your confirmation mail from being filtered as spam, you can add our email ID to your whitelist.



18. What do you mean by a refill order?

In order to run out of medications, we recommend our customers to plan ahead and refill their order in 4 weeks. We cannot predict postal service delays, nor can we be held responsible for such delays.



19. Can I set up a reminder to refill my order?

Yes, you can set up a reminder by logging into your account on our website and going to the Order History section. In this section, you can view the details of your last order. You will also find an option called ‘Refill order reminder’, which takes you to a separate section. In this section, you can select your refill date and click on ‘Update’. Alternatively, you can activate the reminder immediately when you finish placing an order.



20. Are there any benefits of refilling an order from your website?

If you choose to refill your order from us, we offer a 10% discount on that order according to our loyalty reward scheme.



21. What would happen when I set up a reminder?

When you activate a refill reminder, an email would be sent to you on the day you have chosen. This email will include a reminder of your refill order as well as a direct link that will take you to the order confirmation and checkout section of our website.




All the information posted on the MasterDrugStore website, including medical conditions and health related information and information on products and treatments, are purely for informative purposes. Such information is not and cannot be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified physician.