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Splicing screen maintenance tips


Nowadays, commercial displays are inseparable from the sturdy and durable materials. The advantages of splicing screens are particularly high, so they are very popular among modern people, such as LCD splicing screens, LCD splicing walls, touch advertising machines, etc. LCD splicing screen maintenance method? The following small series will share the maintenance methods of the Shanghai LED splicing screen.

First, pay attention to the maintenance of skills

Electronic devices often exhibit static phenomena, and LCD splicing screens are not an exception. Static electricity can cause dust in the air to adhere to the screen, so it must be properly organized. Wet cloth can not be used during finishing. Wet materials not only have poor finishing effect and are likely to form a circuit wet, so LCD splicing screen maintenance should pay attention to skill type.

Second, pay attention to the maintenance of the body

The operation time of the LCD splicing screen body itself is bound to be limited. The switch of the body will cause certain damage to the splicing screen. The frequency switch will only form damage to the screen electronic components, which will naturally affect the use of the LCD splicing screen, affecting it. Lifespan.

Third, pay attention to clean maintenance

Stick to the habit of cleaning the splicing screen regularly. You can use a damp cloth to clean the screen of the splicing screen. Be careful not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture to avoid moisture entering the screen and causing short-circuit inside the splicing screen. It is recommended to use a soft scrub such as glasses cloth or lens paper to scrub the screen of the LCD splicing screen. Avoid unnecessary scratches on the screen.

Fourth, pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors

The surrounding environment has a direct impact on the LCD screen large screen. The function and life of the spliced large screen. If the light is too bright, even direct light, on the one hand, affects the visual communication of the advertising machine, on the other hand, direct damage will damage the screen electronic components. In addition, the ambient air humidity in which the large screen is spliced should be suitable, and the electronic device is too humid, which only affects the circuit condition and causes problems.