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How large screen splicing works


Large-screen splicing has begun to receive widespread attention in the field of surveillance.

Shanghai LED display large screen splicing can be divided into three types: PCI card type large screen splicing, embedded large screen splicing, external splicing control large screen splicing, and the three large screen splicing works differently.

The working principle of the PCI card type is to divide a complete video image into mХn sub-video signals by using a multi-screen splicing card through an industrial computer, and then transmit the sub-video signals to respective corresponding units on the splicing screen wall. Achieve the purpose of large screen mosaic display. However, due to the limited computing power of the industrial computer, the best industrial computer can only achieve 4Х4 splicing, which limits the number of splicing units.

The working principle of the embedded large-screen splicing display wall is that each splicing unit has an independent video processing module, and the complete signal is transmitted to each unit through the matrix, and each of them performs video processing to segment the part that should be displayed, and this A part of the signal is enlarged and displayed to achieve the purpose of large-screen splicing display. Since it is a separate process, the number of spliced cells can theoretically be infinite.

The external splicing controller can also be called a large-screen display splicer or a video wall controller, a video wall splicer, and its main function is to divide a complete image signal into N blocks and assign them to N video display units (such as the back). The unit is activated, and a large screen is composed of a plurality of ordinary video units. It can support simultaneous access of multiple video devices to meet the functional requirements of the splicing curtain wall. "The reason why it is called external dragging is because this type of splicing curtain wall is divided into two separate parts, one part is the display part, which can be composed of ordinary large-screen splicing display unit such as LCD liquid crystal splicing screen; the other part is this splicing Controller, its function is to realize the combination of multiple physical outputs into a resolution superimposed display output, so that the screen displays a picture.

As people's demands continue to improve, large-screen splicing will become a trend in the future. Understanding how it works will save us a lot of time for future purchases.