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LCD splicing screen maintenance and maintenance


The smudges of the liquid crystal panel are roughly classified into two types, one is the dust in the air stuck by the accumulated time, and the other is the fingerprint and oil stain left by the user inadvertently. For digital cameras, there are two cases of LCD installation. One is that the manufacturer adds a protective layer on the outside of the LCD screen, such as transparent hard plastic, so that our fingers and dust will not actually Touching the LCD screen itself, as long as it pays attention to its surface hygiene is sufficient; the second and most common is that the LCD screen is directly exposed, any external matter can be easily touched directly to the LCD screen, then we are cleaning and maintaining the LCD When you are on the screen, you have to be careful.

The first thing to note is that the surface of the LCD screen looks like a solid black screen. In fact, the manufacturer will add a special coating on this screen. Therefore, when cleaning, do not wipe the screen surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution. Otherwise, the coating may be dissolved, which may make the display worse.

Here are some tips for the maintenance of Shanghai LED display:

Misunderstanding 1: Wipe the LCD screen with a soft cloth, glasses cloth, or paper towel. Do not wipe the LCD screen with glasses cloth and paper towels, so it is easy to scratch the "squeezing" LCD screen. For dust, we can first blow it off by blowing, and the remaining dust particles can be wiped gently on the LCD panel with a special LCD wiper. In general, fingerprints and oil stains are not as easy to remove as the former, but if you use a special LCD wiper, this is easy to solve, because the special LCD wiper is made of special fiber, which is much better than the average high-end glasses cloth. The wiping effect is soft and does not scratch the screen. It also has the function of dissipating static electricity to prevent further adsorption of dust.

Myth 2: Clean the LCD screen with clean water. The liquid can easily penetrate into the LCD screen or the inside of the digital camera. This is very likely to cause a short circuit in the device and burn out the expensive digital camera. What's more, for fingerprints and oil stains, there is nothing that can be done with water. In more cases, it is more and more flowers.

Myth #3: Cleaning the LCD screen with alcohol and other chemical solvents Generally speaking, alcohol is a commonly used organic solvent that can dissolve some dirt that is not easily wiped off. If it is used occasionally to clean the outer casing of a digital camera, it may have no adverse effect. . However, do not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen. Once the display screen is wiped with alcohol, it will dissolve this special coating, which will adversely affect the display.