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LED video logo
LED video logo

LED video logo

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  • Release date:2019-09-17
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LED video identification product introduction

1. LED video logo, which combines logo, trademark and advertising, has the value of outdoor LED advertising screen.

2. Compared with traditional full-color perforated characters, LED video logo has long service life, low maintenance cost, high waterproof level, rich display content, and does not affect the cultural significance of LOGO itself.

3. Customized products, using powder coating process, module and cabinet waterproof design, power supply, control card and box separation, easy to maintain and install.

4. Adopt asymmetric energy-saving LED lamp beads, the downtilt angle reaches 40°, and the energy saving is over 30%, which ensures the look and display effect and reduces light pollution.

5. Adopt high utilization, high brightness, high refresh rate, high gray level, low power consumption, low afterimage, low EMI high quality driver IC

6.Using ultra-thin, stable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and high reliability drive power

采用顯示模組設計,不受屏體大小限制,能靈活構建各類文字、 圖形及logo



1像素點間距:P12.5、P16                        13刷新率      :1920HZ

2像素點組成:1R1G1B                            14灰度等級    :13bit

3像素點密度:6400/㎡ 3906㎡                    15AC輸入電壓  :220V

4燈珠選項  :雷曼 DIP346 SMD3528               16電源輸入頻率:50HZ   

5掃描方式  :2S 靜態                           17亮度調節等級:100級手動自動調節

6屏幕亮度  :6000cd/㎡                         18工作溫度范圍:-20℃~+60℃

7平均功率  :135~190(w/㎡)                  19工作濕度范圍:戶外10~90%

8最大功率  :400(w/㎡)                       20正常使用壽命:>100000H

9使用環境  :室內 戶外                         21平均無故障時間:>10000H

10模版分辨率:定制                             22雜點率      :<0.01%

11材質     :鍍鋅板、鋁板

12箱體重量 :45KG