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Viagra is the best anti-impotence medicine and there could be no denying to this fact. It is a Pfizer's product and it comes at a high price. Men suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction have no way other than to buy this expensive medicine to enjoy sexual activity until Kamagra was launched. It is a generic anti-impotence drug and is similar to the branded Viagra. In short, there is no difference between this generic anti-impotence medicine and branded Viagra. Both the anti-impotence drugs contain sildenafil citrate, a compound that increases blood flow in penis and helps it achieve full erection.

Kamagra works best when taken an hour before sexual intercourse. The medicine should be coupled with sexual stimulation to achieve full erection in the penis. The penis has arteries that come from heart. During sexual stimulation the heart pumps blood more quickly than usual. Arteries are sensitive to the pressure hence they began expanding resulting in erection in the penis. It is a process that starts with brain and concludes in ejaculation of the sperm. The anti-impotence drug helps the arteries in the penis to relax so that they can allow more blood to flow. With more blood flowing in and less going out, the penis enlarges.

Kamagra has some mild side effects but the good thing is that this generic anti-impotence drug doesn't include the danger of permanent erection. Other side effects, one might experience with this medicine are nausea, stomach upset, dizziness and headache. The side effects are mild in nature and they subside on their own. This medicine should be taken after light meal as high calorie diet can reduce its efficiency and delay its results. Also this medicine should be taken whey the user is ready to have sex and not when the user is planning to have sex.

Kamagra comes in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg doses. One should start with a mild dose to see it effect. First take 25 mg tablet and see how it works. If you are satisfied with its performance then you can continue with 25 mg anti-impotence medicine. If you feel that you need a higher dose then try 50 mg tablet. Ideally you should determine a dose after consulting your physician. Severity of side effects would increase with higher doses hence it is mandatory for an impotent man to take an anti-impotence drug under the supervision of a physician.

Men running the risk of cardiovascular risk factors and hypotension should avoid taking Kamagra or any other anti-impotence drug. Senior men should take anti-impotence medicine only when prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. Anti-impotence drugs are serious medicines and one shouldn't take them lightly. They increase blood transmission that can be life threatening for elder men.

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